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A Catalyst for Africa's emergence

Company Profile

African Century Capital Group (“African Century”) is an Africa focused investment and advisory firm specialized in three sectors:

•             Financial Infrastructure

•             Physical Infrastructure

•             Social Infrastructure


Through our different business lines, we partner with global leading firms within the sectors of operation to deliver highest standards of service and superior performance.




African Century was launched in 2009 with the objective of becoming a “Catalyst for the emergence of an African Century” by expanding access to three areas essential for the economic development of the continent: Finance Infrastructure, Physical Infrastructure and Social Infrastructure.




African Century has a strong African heritage combined with an international background and a local and regional outlook.  

African Century’s approach is rooted in decades of work experience “from the trenches” in Africa that informs the design and execution of our operations. We have a firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing the local private sector in their daily activities while also having a clear understanding of the upside potential of the continent.     

We are favorably positioned to design and implement tailored and relevant solutions that effectively capitalize on existing market opportunities and bridges the gaps.




African Century’s vision is to be a leading firm in our areas of operation by combining – Capital & World Class Management – under one roof to create superior value for our investors, stakeholders and clients and by being a hub for international best practices and in-depth knowledge and understanding of local realities and capacity to execute effectively in the African environment.



Our culture is based on values that reflect who we are as a firm, as a team and as individuals. We are driven by the conviction that by consistently applying the following values we deliver superior value to our investors, clients and stakeholders:

  • Entrepreneurship: We believe in fostering individual creativity for the successful undertaking of new professional challenges and ventures.

  • Integrity: In every action we carry out, we do the right thing, for the right reasons.

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and seek to exceed expectations.

  • Innovation: We strive to create opportunities with new approaches and technologies

  • We have the ability to deal and adapt to circumstances and situations to create the optimal solutions.

  • We believe that our ability in managing effectively our business, and in delivering superior performance for our investors is dependent on employing and partnering with the best and brightest like-minded people.


Through our ventures and advisory services - we seek to engineering a “Big Bang” in our areas of operations similar to what the mobile phone companies have accomplished in the telecommunications industry over the last decade. In doing so, we will unlock their potential through systemic and sustainable solutions and make them the engines of economic growth on the continent.


African Century is a group with a passion for “Mother Africa”. Our aim is to be a key player in its “Renaissance” as it enters a new century with aspirations to take full advantage of its enormous potential and improve the standards of living of her people.

Our passion is to develop practical solutions in the sectors where we intervene to capitalize on attractive and long term opportunities for our shareholders, clients, stakeholders and partners, to create conditions for sustained economic growth and participate in the betterment of the life of the African people.

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