African Century has made the strategic decision to operate and specialize in the 3 areas with the highest impact on the economic development on the continent. These sectors offer the prospect for long term sustained growth and attractive returns driven by strong market fundamentals for our investors and stakeholders.

With pent up demand in these sectors far outstripping supply, growth potential and business opportunities are projected to remain strong and sustained for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, synergies between the 3 sectors of operations are strong. The financial sector’s ability to provide long term funding for construction and development of housing estates as well as for mortgages is essential to unlocking potential the housing market potential which remains constrained by the lack of proper funding and therefore severely limits its contribution to the continent’s GDP which is under 5% compared to a contribution of 15-20% in developed countries.

In the same vein access to steady and cost effective electric power for residential and commercial purposes is essential for economic activity, growth and quality of life. It is a strong catalyst for other sectors to operate at optimal capacity.