Corporate Structure


African Century’s leadership team has a unique blend of global expertise, local knowledge and execution capacity required for the delivery of solutions of the highest standards.

The members of our Leadership Team are highly qualified professionals with relevant and extensive hands-on management experience in Africa and/or emerging countries in our areas of operations combined with international best practices and local knowledge.


Our Advisory Board includes members bringing together a mix of world class expertise in the areas of banking, corporate and structured finance, capital markets, real estate, energy, law, private equity, quality control, human resources management & regulatory compliance.

Our Advisory Board offer objective analysis, high quality advice, informed guidance and introductions to their extensive contact networks. It also strengthens our corporate governance.


African Century partners with global leading service providers leveraging our respective strengths to create synergies to further extend our capacity to deliver world class solutions.


African Century operates specialized subsidiaries in each of the areas of operations.

These operating platforms are designed to provide focused business origination, optimal structuring and world class execution capability in order to capture business opportunities and deliver attractive returns to their respective investors, stakeholders, clients and partners.

Each of these operating subsidiaries is structured and managed in order to create, capture and deliver value through the market to investors whether it is through dividends or capital gains.


African Century is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Our corporate governance integrates 3 key principles: Expert Knowledge, Integrity and Strong Oversight and Accountability.