Africa is “Our Strategy”.

After decades of struggle to find a path towards economic growth and betterment of the standards of living of her people, the continent has experienced faster economic growth over the last 10 years or so. This new vigor is due to a number of factors including improved political, governance and macroeconomic management, pro-business reforms, population growth and increased commodity prices among others.

Africa is a “young continent” with a young and growing population and an emerging middle class. Soon her population will pass the 1 billion mark and by some estimates the size of hermiddle class is about 300 million strong representing a market with a very attractive potential.

According to recent reports conducted by the likes of the Economist Intelligence Unit, McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group, Africa is expected to experience sustained growth in the medium to long term. As a result, Africa is seen with increasing interest from investors across the World. The continent is gradually shading its image of “Basket Case” and is now being increasingly seen as the “New Frontier”.