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  • Financial Services

    Access to Finance: African Century seeks to develop an efficient and inclusive financial sector that supports the local private sector primarily made up of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – the backbone of the economy -, and that provides affordable and convenient services to the general public and tailored project finance solutions to corporate clients.

  • Housing & Real Estate

    Access to Housing: African Century supports the development of solutions to one of the most acute challenges facing the continent. In that regard, we have developed a comprehensive business model combining tailored funding, innovative construction technology, clean and environmental friendly solutions and project management expertise to deliver modern, functional and yet affordable housing units tailored to the emerging African middle class.

  • Energy Solutions

    Access to Energy: As in the case of access to finance and housing, we believe that access to steady and affordable energy is crucial for the emergence of a “vibrant private sector-led economy” on the continent, the reduction of production costs for the business community and for the improvement of the standards of living of its people.